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Randy’s 1961 Impala SS

Great progress this weekend.  Almost done !

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61 409 Badging Before

61 409 Badging Removed

61 Trunk Before

61 Trunk After

50/50 !!!!!

Almost done!!! Still working on finding the last few scratches.

Almost done.

Paint touchup and wheels next.

Before Paint Correction

After Paint Correction

Jody’s Atomic Orange C6 Vert.

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Sue’s AMG

Tony’s Storm


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Randy’s ’56 Ford F100
The 1956 F100 Completed Walk Around

The ’56 goes home.

Left rear fender, before correction

Left rear fender, 50-50 correction

Left rear fender, correction complete


Rear Fender 50/50

Bed rail before correction

Bed rail after correction 50/50 at tape line


Before correction

After correction Wolfgang products worked best on this paint

Removing sealant from roof

58 Delray, almost done

Front fender 50/50

Before correction, rear qtr panel

Paint thickness test

’58 Delray – Paint Correction 50/50

The spots you see on the corrected side is powder left over from the swirl remover I use, they just wipe right off…

Enable 1080p on the video for best results.

Next project was this killer blue and silver ’55.

The Hot Muscle Wiring ’55

Special Thanks goes out to the gang at Fast Signs of Snellville.

The wheel inserts look great!

AMMO NYC – Leveling Fluid

Meguiars – Microfiber finish pad

AMMO NYC – Jewelers Polish

Lake Country –  White foam pad




The Hemi Challenger


Before paint correction

Hemi Challenger 50/50

After paint correction

AMMO NYC – Leveling Fluid

Meguiars – Microfiber finish pad

AMMO NYC – Jewelers Polish

Lake Country –  White foam pad



’55 project