4th Annual Corvettes for A Cause

A Corvette Show Fund Raiser for the Shaw Family

On June 18, 2012, Jimmy’s life was forever changed. That’s when he lost his ability to walk. A branch on a tree in his front yard needed trimming. While trimming, the branch fell, twisted and hit the ladder knocking it out from under him.He fell to the ground landing on the bottom of his spine. He was rushed to GMC where the family was told he had broken his back. He was then air lifted to Atlanta Medical Center where he underwent surgery to remove the bone fragments in his spinal cord. The day after surgery, he went into respiratory failure and had a tracheotomy. He was transported to the Shepherd Spinal Centerwhere he spent the next 10 weeks in rehab. While at the SC, he was also diag-nosed with a rare blood disorder that causes his blood to form clots. The tracheotomy and blood clots caused multiple setbacks for rehabilitation and therapy.

Jimmy owned his own roofing business before his accident and lost the business because of his permanent injury. Even though his accident was over two years ago, hospital bills and everyday living expenses have taken a toll on the family. He receives minor assistance, but that does not begin to cover the cost of living with a total disability. His wife Julia has had to take on the role of caregiver full time. This has turned their lives upside down! Please come and show your support for this worthy cause!

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