11 thoughts on “Chevy High Performance Show 2013

    • What a show. The cars just keep getting better and better. I’ll start working on Sundays’ photos tonight.

    • The pictures are awesome Al…
      High-end ! Most of these photos are way over the top on quality.
      Some of these are the most beautiful cars I’ve ever seen. And I’ve been to a lot of Car Shows. Al your Site just keeps getting Better and Better…

      • Art, the pictures don’t show how meticulous the builders and owners of these cars and trucks really are. Many of the owners actually took time to share information and special details that make these cars over the top. I wish I had time to take more pictures of each car and have a document describing each car in full detail.
        The best way to see these cars is in person! The offer still stands to see how it’s done in Georgia. Who knows maybe Paulie and Eileen will fly down to see you. You and Jan are always welcome at our home.

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  3. Great pictures of the show !! There so many beautiful cars and your pictures allowed me to see some the things I missed while walking around. You got some some great pictures of our 86 Aerocoupe, thanks for putting them on here !!

    • Awesome car Harold and the only one at the show. I wished I could have taken/uploaded more pictures.
      If you see one or two that you like, I can send you the full size photo for a poster. Hope to see you at another show.
      Thank you for posting.

  4. Wow,, This was a high end show for sure,, Wish I could have made it by.. Some great shots of some really cool rides for sure !! Great work Al,, That Silver and Red
    57 is sorta like the color set up I am leaning towards on the Reo !! Plus she will be able to attend that show when she is done !! Chevy Power after all !!

  5. Wish you, Ed…… everyone could have been there. We had a great time. There were cars in the main show area that were top quality cars as well. The Camaro’s, the Aerocoupe, pickup trucks, rat rods, Monte Carlos, Impala’s, tri 5’s, Nova’s, Chevy II’s, Vette’s, late 60’s early 70’s Chevelle’s were awesome.

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