5 thoughts on “Chick-fil-a Monroe

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  2. Al & Marry , it was good seeing you at the car show.
    I won a 1st runner-up trophy in the Classic Car division
    Vicky and I enjoyed the day

    • Congrats to you and Vicky!
      Your C2 is one awesome Vette. Hope to see you both soon
      Keep me posted on your carburetor problem.
      Was great to see Eddie today too.

  3. Beautiful C5, do u think the cow will sale it ? Nice car show and a lot of great pictures. Good to see U and Mary, see u at the next one.

    • Hmmm, she sure seemed to like your Vette. It was a great day and the food was excellent. We love Chick-fil-a . As a side note Mr. Cathy is a car guy, he has an amazing collection of cars.

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