Converse College 2014

Converse College – Spartanburg, SC.

Gallery 1

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Gallery 2

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Gallery 3

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Gallery 4

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Gallery 5

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5 thoughts on “Converse College 2014

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  2. Al,
    The pictures of my car are excellent. I own the Aqua Blue Metalic 2010 Camaro SS. Most Pictures that me and others have taken do not capture the red stripes and red accents very well. In your shots they really pop. How can I get copies of them? When I spoke with you Saturday, you said that I just needed to send you a picture of my car so that you would know it is mine. How can I attach it?


    • Thanks Mark, the camera deserves all the credit.
      I remember you.
      I’ll try to send the full size pictures to the e-mail address you provided.
      The first one is 12mb (poster size), hope your email don’t have a size limit.
      Also, the full size pix look much better because my website compresses the image.
      If I get side tracked PLEASE remind me to send you all the photos.!
      Love your Camaro !!!
      Consider bringing it to shows in Atlanta.

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