Plastic Cars LTD Corvette Club of Statesville Charity Car Show

I participated in the Plastic Cars LTD Corvette Club of Statesville Charity Car Show on August 02, 2014. It was held at the Signal Hill Mall in Statesville, NC. There were less than 100 cars/trucks at the show as it had rained all week and was threatening rain on Saturday. Turned out to be a nice, no sun, cool day. The Plastic Cars LTD Corvette Club used to be a “sister” club to Queen City back in the 70’s when they raced every week. They had one Corvette of each type (C1-C7) inside the mall that were all tip top examples. Our QCCC Automotive Chairman is also a member of the Plastic Cars club so he had his NCRS Duntov ’54 and Top Flight ’69 in the mall. I had my “No Flight” ’69 in the parking lot and took home a “Top 35 car” trophy….the Plastic Car guys are still motor heads and they liked the side pipes when they judged the cars.

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3 thoughts on “Plastic Cars LTD Corvette Club of Statesville Charity Car Show

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  2. I am interested in joining the corvette club. I have a 70 stingray which I am restoring but also have a 2007 corvette. would you please give me a name and number of who I need to contact. Thank you. My number is 704 xxx xxxx

  3. Toys for a Tots Toy Drive. All Makes, All Models Cruise In. Ruby Tuesday 210 Turnersburg Hwy., Statesville NC. Sunday Dec 1st 2019. 10% discount on your meal for anyone who donates a toy.

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