Tail of the Dragon

Our first stop was Tallulah Gorge.  Awesome views and a good workout.  MaryB


Next stop was Bridal Veil Falls


Fontana Dam

A Buckeye and a Caboose at Fontana Dam

One of our excursions during our trip was to visit Fontana Dam; it is the tallest dam in the Eastern United States and an impressive sight. The weather was beautiful and we had an enjoyable time checking out the scenic views.

While we were there we met two hikers of the Appalachian Trail, known by their ‘Trail Names’ of Buckeye Cornelius and Caboose. We had an enjoyable visit with them. We learned that people actually ‘rough’ it and walk this trail either a portion of it or the whole thing from North GA up to Maine. Hikers stop at trail shelters/campsites and that they sign in on hikers’ logs along the way. These hikers carry on their backs the provisions for their journey and replenish items when they come into trail towns. It’s rather amazing what these people do. I guess there is a whole culture of people who do this. I think it’s pretty cool. Buckeye bestowed the name of Pink Flamingo to one of the ladies of our group. I think she was thrilled to have earned her ‘Trail Name’. If you see a Corvette with pink flamingos, give a wave.  Follow Buckeye Cornelius and Caboose’s incredible  journey here.  =>     http://www.trailjournals.com/entry.cfm?id=408411


Cruise to Deals Gap


The Lost Sea Adventure


Cherohala Skyway


The Ride Home

We also met some really cool couples in Hondas, and of course tons of motorcycle riders.

9 thoughts on “Tail of the Dragon

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  2. The photo’s of Craigshead Cavern/Lost Sea Adventure came out better than I thought they would. The new Sony NEX camera did an awesome job in the cavern considering there was no flash used.

    • Yea, allot better than mine came out as dark as it was in there. I had to delete mine they were so bad! Great pics Guys! Can’t wait to see the videos…


        • Thanks Ed
          Sure was a great time
          GoPro… I’m guessing we’ll need a camera mount or a GoPro next time we hit the Tail
          Holding the camera over her head for 30 minutes had to get old

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