8 thoughts on “Twisted Tavern – November

  1. Great pictures and great website! Keep up the good work.
    Is there anyplace here where we can find a list of events. We would like to join you on some .

  2. Thanks for the kind words, but the camera deserves all the credit.

    Great question regarding a list of events:
    We currently use e-mail or call each member to coordinate events and “where to meet” locations. Shiny Fenders is getting too big and we need a better solution. So, I’m working on a new events calendar / BLOG page which I hope to complete in the next month or so. There are a few shows left to attend and we’re also planning a few road trips in the near future. I can add you to the Shiny Fenders e-mail list if you like, just let me know.

    It was nice meeting you yesterday. Hope to see you next weekend.

    Al & Mary

  3. Just want to thank you for putting my 2000 vw beetle in your pictures. That was very kind of you. I know it’s not a muscle car, but I’ve had a lot of them. I’m really having fun with the Beetle.

    • You’re very welcome, I enjoyed checking it out.
      A little interior work and you’ll be bringing home trophies before for you know it.
      Was nice meeting you.

    • Hi David,
      I have a few more photos from the Year One Show.
      Thanks for bringing your Falcon out so we can all check it out.
      Al & Mary

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