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Art & Jan on Lokar Car Show !!!

                Art & Jan Peterson 1969 GTO Super Stocker
Art and Jan purchased this car brand new on 27 Sept. 1968. It was turned into
a Race Car in 1971, and has been in their garage since that time only competing
at Races, and Car Shows. It was originally a factory color called Espresso
Brown, and was repainted a Camaro Medium Red in the 80’s. In 2009 the GTO was
painted with House of Colors Magenta with a Blue Candy Base Coat. This car
has to weigh 3580 lbs. to run in NHRA Super Stock J/A. The NHRA Index for
the class is 11 seconds flat.  The record in the class is set in the high 9 second zone.
Art and Jan’s Goat has run 10.40’s with all kinds of limitations, such as stock carburetor
and a minimum intake and exhaust port volumes. The GTO is the only traditional
GTO to ever win the Winternationals in Super Stock. GTO’s have won Pomona
in Pro Stock with the new style GM Pontiac. She’s getting ready to run Pomona
this year taking place at the LA Fairgrounds.. A lifelong love affair with Drag Racing.
Signed  Art & Jan Peterson
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Towed to the 2008 Woodward Dream Cruise in Detroit, Michigan. Was invited to attend the first DM Car Show for the Woodward Cruise. Got to meet the Chief Designer of the Pontiac GTO, Bill Porter.  I  was overwhelmed to meet and talk to this man.  What an honor and all the stories he told…..
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Getting married March the 6th 1969 in the GTO
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Racing in Tucson, AZ. on our wedding anniversary, 40 years to the day.
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Los Angeles Grand National Roadster Show. Cars always attract pretty girls, No, I think pretty girls always attack cars…….
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Took the GTO to the Freemont Street Experience in Down Town Vegas. Those girls by the car are called the Attitude Girls.  I could understand as it was over 100 degrees when this picture was taken, and those suits were made out of some sort of rubber material.  I drove the car right down Freemont Street to this Show.  The people running the Show said if the Cops stop you, tell them you’re with us.  Two Vegas Police Cars followed me right into the Show.  It was so awesome ….
 The GTO gets a new brake setup.
Hi Al,This is the old one brake caliper per wheel setup as opposed to the new dual caliper brakes that I just installed. These new dual brakes will let me get up on the converter while using my new two-step RPM limiter to leave the starting line at a higher RPM. Should give me a much better 60 ft. time. Also, Jan and I will be on MAV TV and Velocity TV July 15th and 17th. We attended a big Car Show at Original Parts Group in Seal Beach, CA. and they did a lot of filming there. It was a great outing…
Art is in Las Vegas !!!
Al this is the SEMI Final where I pulled over to far to the right, got out of the groveand you can see Jim De Frank of Calif. Car Cover wanting to realign me but he didnot want to excite me.. I lost 5 hundreds in the sixty foot and that was the race.There were only three cars left when we lost…   Artie
art at las vegas
National Dragster article from November, 2013
Click on the below links
ND Pg 1 –  ND Pg 2
        Motor’s Out
Got the engine out just before the High Winds hit.   We have big time winds coming tonight.  They will probably last for at least three days.   It always blows real bad here for Christmas and New Years.   I have a rear main oil leak and I hated to have to pull the engine because of this.   I’m having real bad luck with the Neopream Seals so I’m going back to the factory type seal.. The seal on the engine is better than I’ve ever had it.  Hopefully I won’t have to pull the crankshaft.   The sun was setting this after noon and the colors were so pretty in the sunlight.  The camera just can’t pick up what the human eye can. 
    Project NRG Innovation – Quick Release Steering Wheel 
I was having trouble getting out of the race car with the new racing seat and the NHRA mandated roll cage.  The biggest problem was getting my right knee past the lower portion of the steering wheel.   My concern was having a hard time or taking too much time getting out if I got into a bad situation.   I went on line and found a company called NRG Innovations.   I really like their stuff.  They are a little pricey, but well worth every penny when it comes to getting out of a bad situation.  It was very easy to install. And I just pull up on the ring below the steering wheel and off it comes.   This unit is not SFI Certified by NHRA, but in Super Stock it is not mandated.  See pictures belowArtiehttps://www.getnrg.com/[nggallery id=61]
  MSD Pro Billet Distributor
It was time to replace my old Mallory Distributor.  The new MSD has Centrifugal Mechanical Advance, you can lock the shaft up which I did as I’m using the  MSD 7 AL 3 which has all the advance and retard built into it.
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2013 Winternationals

The weather was wonderful all four days, 78 to 83 degrees. You just couldn’t ask for a better weekend. Plenty of fans and plenty of racing. The GTO started the weekend out a little slow. On the first pass I had a timing issue and had to let off. Second pass was a little more like it (10.56 @ 125 plus). Third pass was a really good run as it was very hot. I went 10.52 at real close to 126 MPH. I bumped up five more spots on the ladder in the heat. Wound up being 43rd qualifier out of 64 cars running in Super/Stock class. Then, I broke a starter bendix just before making the burn out for first round of eliminations. I keep finding out another way to loose. That’s why, when you do win it’s so very very sweet, as wins don’t come that often for the average racer.

Signed Art Peterson

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Video of one of my burn outs.

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Here are a couple pictures of parking, waiting to get parked etc. The weather was wonderful today and it looks good all the way through to Sunday. We usually get rain for this race, one or two days. Last year it rained Friday, Saturday, and Sunday plus it was cold.  It’s supposed to go up to 80 degrees this Friday.  The 30 ft. Vintage Trailer and GMC Crew Cab is my pride and joy…Artie[nggallery id=12]


I’m excited…. Got past Tech Inspection with flying colors today with the new

seats. Looking forward to Thursday’s Run. Just want a solid pass!


Warning !!!!! This video is very loud !!! Warning !!!!!

Double click to view


Art’s secret to an awesome reaction time ! 


Here’s some of the things I do to keep the G.T.O looking new…

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1. I use the Racers Tape 3 and 4 inch inside the wheel wells and

also on all trim and wheel well openings to keep rock chips from

destroying the car. Do not leave this tape on too long as it will bond

to the paint and pull the paint off when you remove it.  I have left it

on as long as 30 days, be sure to use a hair dryer when you remove it and

you’ll be fine..

[singlepic id=1255 w=320 h=240 float=]


[singlepic id=1256 w=320 h=240 float=]


2. The best stuff I’ve found “On The Internet” is FLITZ Polish. It costs

about  $40.00 a can, but one can will last you a long, long time… It

will remove scratches out of your paint (which always happens at the

track) and it will make your stainless steel and aluminum look better

than new. Another little thing I do is put a small piece of removable

tape on the scratches so I don’t forget them and they’re easy to find.


[singlepic id=1257 w=320 h=240 float=]


3.  Most everyone who sees this car thinks it’s a Trailer Queen, and then I

tell them it’s been on the Race Track since 1971… Their mouths

usually drop…   Hard work and loving care is the secret…    Artie


4. I love California Car Covers – Golden Shine Tire & Trim Spray. It

really puts a nice deep look on all your rubber and plastics …..


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Now we know what the dog biscuits are for 🙂

Art Dog


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  1. Hi Al,

    Thanks so much for the nice spread on us. Wish you could be here to join us for the Winternationals. Will try to send you some coverage.


  2. Art & Jan:

    It’s been a pleasure knowing you and Jan since the mid-1970s! You indeed do have a “Super GTO”. I was happy to help out a little bit over the years. Good luck to you both in the future!

    Craig Hendrickson
    The “H” in H-O Racing Specialties

  3. Hi guys, don’t know if you will remember me. I worked for the City of Riverside in the Finance Dept and that is how I met Art. He would come out to fix Unisys machine and we would talk drag racing. My husband Larry and I have been to your house a couple times and spent time with you and Jan in your trailer at the Winternationals. Do you remember??? Anyway, I just wanted to say hi and I miss you both…..

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