11 thoughts on “Killer Cobra

  1. Way to go Ed and Mary !!! And I helped find the car !!

    Its the right color too.. Welcome aboard the new money pit !!

    They dont get any cooler..

    • Thanks,
      All the laptops are up and running now, so its time to get back to work on photos and creating a few more pages. Let me know if you have any ideas.. Like maybe a Ford page ?

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  3. This Ford really looks great after it being lowered, it changes the whole car.. Is that a 1/24th Diecast Ford I see sitting in the engine bay? Ed is Cool.. I love Diecast.. Artie

  4. Thanks, Artie! I love the car! Yeah, a 1/24 diecast Shelby GT500. It makes a good display for the car shows…


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